Holidays and Pandemia

It has surely been a different year for all of us. To a different extent we have all been affected in different ways and were able to use this time in unexpected ways. We (hopefully) learnt to deal with uncertainty, lack of clarity, last minute decisions and “no control”. This Holiday Season we are spending extra time with our immediate family and the time fills with probably more fights, loudness, and arguments. It could also be a time for more listening. To other and to ourselves. To carve time for a hot bath, for a family movie or alone reading time. Making decisions in our benefit or that work towards where we want to be could be challenging. But not impossible. It may require extra attention form our part. Extra awareness.

Re thinking your goals: September is here!


For many many people September is the real deal, the real New Year. Summer is over and September marks a new start.

End of the Summer also means beginning of routine. It is well proven that we all function better when we have some routine in our lives, a schedule. Our bodies easily adjust to a better sleeping pattern, we are able to make better choices at meal times, we make more clear decisions overall.

The routine that September imposes brings the opportunity to revise previous goals, set up new challenges, start something new.  


That is going to be the goal this week: a fresh start, with a deepen look into ourselves and how to include “us” into that routine that is imposing on us.

We may have started January setting up one or many goals, but where are we now?

We are going to use September as the mark of a New year and set up a goal, with the advantage of having a few months behind us that taught us what has worked and what hasn’t.







Take some time today and think about what was (or were) your goal/s a few months ago….are you still considering that is your most important goal? has anything changed? do you need to redefine your goal? change it completely?

Why is that goal important to you?

Achievement is a great feeling. We need to work on our goals everyday to make them grow until they become achievements.


Diabetes Complications Are a Risk Factor for Hospitalizations – Why not to prevent?

A new study released last week shows that more than 10% of patients are re hospitalized for complications.

Patients with Diabetes are at higher risk of re admission

If you are one of them this study shows you facts to start preventing

Diabetes' complications

Wake up call, no need to wait

Continuing in the Stroke Awareness Month Heart and Stroke Foundation shared this story

Is there a need for a “wake up call” when we have the tools and knowledge to start acting now?

Take good care of yourself, you can start today, we can help when you are ready.

Wake up call

Stressed out?; Some tips how to manage stress and decrease another risk factor

In the Stroke Prevention Month we hear a lot about dietary changes, high blood pressure, exercise requirements but not much about stress. Stress is one of the modifiable risk factors. What that means is that with some effort we can modify or change that risk factor, we can reduce it and with that reduce the risk of stroke.

There are many ways of managing and thus reducing stress  however the simplest one consists on listening certain type fo music or sounds. Here is a link to relaxing sounds that you can start choosing to listen right now.



FAST: THE signs

Publicity for 16 yo and Under



Comfort Food for Rainy Day Dinner

As the rain seems to stay with us for the rest of the day it wouldn’t be fair to take time from what we decided to do today. Whether is reading a new book, using the treadmill at home, having to go to work, you can give yourself a little bit of extra time today and prepare this light version of comfort food Lasagna

If you want and have one, use a crock pot, will make it even easier on you a fill the kitchen with a nice smell everyone will like



What you need:

4-5 Zucchini (or eggplants, or whole wheat lasagna pasta)

3 Ripe tomatoes (or a can of tomato sauce)

1 cup Mozzarella cheese (or ricotta)

1 cup firm tofu (cooked) or ground meat or chicken

The how to:

Finely cut the zucchini length wise. About 1/2 inch thick and arrange in the base of your crock pot

Add tomatoes or tomato sauce to cover

add more layers of zucchini and tomatoes and intercalate with cheese and one or two layers of tofu

Make sure last layer is tomatoes and they cover your zucchini, eggplants or pasta very well

Set to cook in high for 2-3 hs

‘You can serve with a green salad or pita bread




Rainy Day doesn’t have to mean No workout


Rainy days tend to discourage most of us. It becomes the perfect excuse to leave your running shoes aside and prepare to go grocery shopping instead of a brisk walk or short run.

I sometimes refer to this page because it has many indoor workouts that can be done at home. Yes, in your own place, no need to go out, to prepare a bag, no room for excuses.

Click here and you will find one that motivates you to stand up and do it. Doesn’t have to be hard, difficult, breath taking, just a little movement to cheer you up, add some movement and steps in your day and rise those endorphins!