STARTING TODAY, it is never late

Did you feel September was a new start?

This morning as I am checking the School Calendar I noticed we are already more than 20 days into September

Have you started working on YOUR goals?

I am sure you got done all that you have to do (planners, activities, meals, and the list goes on) but have started taken care of yourself?

You can start today, it is never late





I know what I want, now what?

So you have been thinking about your past goals, what worked and what didn’t work…and now you have 1-2 goals you want to achieve.

Let’s make sure your goal is SMART:

Specific: define your goal clearly, no ambiguities. Prefer “go to the gym” over “get fit” for example

Measurable: define how are you going to measure your progress for example, if the goal is to lose weight by pounds lost in a week.

Attainable: don’t be an over achiever!

Realistic: define a goal that is doable in your current situation. If your goal is going to the gym, make sure you separate two hours a few days a week to dedicate to this activity.

Time-bound: lastly, make sure you set a timeframe to your goal.



You are on the way of converting a wish into reality

Re thinking your goals: September is here!


For many many people September is the real deal, the real New Year. Summer is over and September marks a new start.

End of the Summer also means beginning of routine. It is well proven that we all function better when we have some routine in our lives, a schedule. Our bodies easily adjust to a better sleeping pattern, we are able to make better choices at meal times, we make more clear decisions overall.

The routine that September imposes brings the opportunity to revise previous goals, set up new challenges, start something new.  


That is going to be the goal this week: a fresh start, with a deepen look into ourselves and how to include “us” into that routine that is imposing on us.

We may have started January setting up one or many goals, but where are we now?

We are going to use September as the mark of a New year and set up a goal, with the advantage of having a few months behind us that taught us what has worked and what hasn’t.







Take some time today and think about what was (or were) your goal/s a few months ago….are you still considering that is your most important goal? has anything changed? do you need to redefine your goal? change it completely?

Why is that goal important to you?

Achievement is a great feeling. We need to work on our goals everyday to make them grow until they become achievements.


Stroke Prevention: 0 Trans Fat Food

In a recent article from New York Times we learned that a mere 2 percent increase in calories from trans fats can raise the risk of coronary heart disease by as much as 29 percent. Substituting a healthy fat like extra-virgin olive oil or canola oil for those containing trans fats could prevent 30,000 to 100,000 premature deaths a year, the American Medical Association concluded in 2013.

no trans fat

 There are several ways you can minimize trans fats in your diet. The first and simplest is: read labels! and if it doesn’t have one, like fruits and veggies, surely is best for you
Another way is using canola or olive oil in place of oils with trans fats, and decreasing the amount of processed foods in your diet.

May is (also) Vision Health Month

Even though we are at the very end of the month I thought it would be worth to be aware of May being National Vision Health Month.

vision health month

When we talk about Vision Health we are not talking about eyes only. We are referring to the health of our body’s vision system; the eyes are one part of this system. For vision, other factors are also involved. For example, the brain processes light received by the eye into images we can understand. However, problems with vision often arise from eye related health conditions which can sometimes be avoided.

Protect your vision:

Schedule regular eye examinations:

By the age of 3 every child should at least have had one eye exam. Later one, the recommendation is to do it yearly. In early ages it is important to detect any problem/s related to vision as it can interfere in their early development and school work. As we age there are other issues that may come up and they all have ways to be corrected if we know we have them and we can prevent them

Protect Against UVA & UVB Rays:

Sun damage is linked to the two most common vision health conditions in Canada: age related macular degeneration and cataracts. People can protect their eyes from harmful UVA & UVB rays by wearing sunglasses when appropriate.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can also promote vision health. Healthy lifestyle practices include quitting smoking, exercising regularly and maintaining a healthy diet.

Weekend ahead, you running? meditating? or both!?

running meditation


For all those out there that love to run this feels like the perfect time to do it. Perfect temperature and sunny. Running fairly long distances can play tricks on your mind. After a few miles the mind/body fight starts: “cannot keep going”, “legs hurt”, “there is a big hill coming up, better stop” and countless of other negative thoughts may come up.

There is a different strategy worth trying: Running Meditation. You can read a full article on this here.

Meditation is not sitting still, it is all about being aware. You can bring that awareness to your running. Whether you decide to listen to the stomp of your feet on the ground, your heavy breathing rhythm it is all about being aware. At the beginning it can be hard to maintain this awareness for long period of time, I would suggest start for 2-3 mins at a time, until it becomes a habit, an awareness that starts immediately after a few steps, after a negative thought

Happy exercising!


Rainy Days Are an Opportunity

Evidence shows that rainy and grey days have a huge impact on people mood. Depression consults escalate and, mostly women, report to eat more “junk” food and move less.

There is a basic truth we have to remember today:


I struggled with this idea for a long time until I could find no resources, no evidence, no paper, no psychologist, no friend that would tell me it wasn’t true.

Yes, YOU decide HOW you feel


And for most of us, it is not easy. It takes time and practice to learn how to make that decision. We have many learnt patterns of feeling and thinking however it is possible to change them to what we want to be now.

It may even work as a mantra, that phrase that you repeat to yourself when stuck in a question during an exam, that say you repeat before entering work every day, that thought that allows you to move one step further in your morning run.

Start off your day with your own “mantra”. Start every raining grey day deciding it is going to be a good one, a happy one. It is an exercise, takes time and practice. You can start today!

A Hint of Summer and Fresh Fruit Salad

If you are like me I am sure you enjoyed these last two days of warm weather. This hint of Summer can also be a boost or motive to make good choices when coming into the house, after a long day at work or School, or after running errands in hot weather with a hot car, or after walking the dog.

A quick fix fresh fruit salad can be a great snack, and you can even prepare a little more and have it ready in the fridge for 1-2 days ahead.

Oranges, blueberries, strawberries, bananas are in season now and at good prices. It doesn’t take long to wash a bunch of them and set them all together in a container in the fridge


If you or your loved ones are craving for a sweet, you can chose a scoop of Vanilla Frozen Yoghurt and add fruit salad on top. For a touch of sweetness you can add 1/2 tbsp honey or maple syrup. This way you are creating a good snack for 100-150 cals depending on your choices and getting a complete afternoon snack.



End of the Week: Evaluation Time

Do you remember Monday? that was the day that you opened up a calendar and set aside one hr a day to plan how to reach a goal. YOUR goal, for this week.

Week is ending and it is time to evaluate, look back and see what happened. It is not time to judge, not time to criticize, neither to complain. Just at the present time and see if you are where you planned to be on Monday.

reflectIf you are there, good for you! Congratulate yourself and take a moment to think what helped keep you motivated and maybe start thinking of your next goal for next week. What would you do different? what area do you need help with?

If you are not there, but close, take a moment to evaluate what things went wrong, what came on your way, which ones you could control and which ones went out of hand. Are you able to complete or reach your goal next week? sure! let’s plan towards that for the upcoming Monday.

If you haven’t reach your goal, or lost focus, or completely forgot about it during the week, take a moment to think what came up that stopped you from focusing, from taking the time, what distracted you. Re think about your goal and evaluate if you want to set up the same focus for next week. Think what could have helped, what you could have done differently.

In any case, being mindful and acknowledging what happened to us, how we feel or felt is the best way to re energize and re plan for an upcoming successful week!