June is Stroke Awareness Month

Heart and Stroke Foundation Canada is promoting June as Stroke Awareness Month

and….how does that affects all? here some numbers:

Have you decided to prevent it for you and your loved ones yet?

stroke prevention

Latest News on Muscle Cramp Medicine

Some muscle cramp medicines, same as some tonics contain quinine. This ingredient when taking in large amounts can lead to purpura and kidney damage. That’s the conclusion of a new study published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA).

You can read more here

quinine and leg cramp

The 100 most Healthy and Filling Foods (according to Times Mag)

If you are like most people always looking for new ways to snack smartly here is a list that may come handy for you.

Make sure you take notes and why not take it with you in your next grocery shopping trip

According to a study published in Times magazines, these are the top 100 healthier and more filling foods you can find


Time mag cover

Healthy heart eating – Short but clear article to help us understand and prioritize

Eating for a healthy heart may sound complicated but it doesn’t have to be.

This short article gives you a few tips you can start using now!

You can read the full article here.

healthy heart foods

Propaganda and impact on little ones’ healthy eating

Advertising is proven to be damaging all our efforts to educate our kids with contradictions and incorrect information. Government is looking to ban food and beverage ads with sugary and processed foods as is proven to affect little ones’ eating habits.

baby will be 300lbs when older

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Foods that can help save your heart

Black beans, edamame, wine!, walnuts, almonds, check out this article with 20 foods you can try to slowly incorporate to your daily meals, not only to add healthy options but also to save your heart!

The full article is here    healthy heart foods

Healthy Lifestyle can cut your risk of heart disease in half, according to new research.

The New England Journal of Medicine, used data from more than 55,000 people and analyzed each person’s genetic propensity for heart disease and cardiovascular risk. They also ranked each person based on four lifestyle habits: not smoking, not being obese, exercising at least once a week, and following a healthy diet at least half of the time. Those participants with highest genetic risks had almost twice the risk of having a heart attack or heart related problems when compared with those with low scores.

Interestingly, those who had three or four of the healthy lifestyle habits cut their risk in half, the study showed. On the flip side, unhealthy habits seem to undo the advantages of good genes.

This is another evidence based information you can use to re think your habits and your reasons for a healthy lifestyle.



Calorie Count in Ontario now, but does it really help?

Is calorie count a real deal breaker when it comes to what you eat? Studies in major USA cities show that they don’t turn non healthy eaters into healthy gals however knowing those values business owners started reformulating some of their menus.

In the end it is up to you, have the information, know the calorie count for a particular meal and disregard it or make a different choice. It is in your hands.

And a very good point is also the quality of those calories matter too!




Health Minister remarks consumers need to know. Then the decision is up to each of us


Stretching before and after any type of workout is as important as the workout itself. I find the series below, easy to follow and really helpful

Motivation, Motivation…is this really the answer?

Is this really the answer? Studies show that it is, however, let’s try to find our own motivation and comepetitiviness within yourself and to become a better version of yourself


Science Says This Is the Best Motivation to Exercise