I know what I want, now what?

So you have been thinking about your past goals, what worked and what didn’t work…and now you have 1-2 goals you want to achieve.

Let’s make sure your goal is SMART:

Specific: define your goal clearly, no ambiguities. Prefer “go to the gym” over “get fit” for example

Measurable: define how are you going to measure your progress for example, if the goal is to lose weight by pounds lost in a week.

Attainable: don’t be an over achiever!

Realistic: define a goal that is doable in your current situation. If your goal is going to the gym, make sure you separate two hours a few days a week to dedicate to this activity.

Time-bound: lastly, make sure you set a timeframe to your goal.



You are on the way of converting a wish into reality

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