STARTING TODAY, it is never late

Did you feel September was a new start?

This morning as I am checking the School Calendar I noticed we are already more than 20 days into September

Have you started working on YOUR goals?

I am sure you got done all that you have to do (planners, activities, meals, and the list goes on) but have started taken care of yourself?

You can start today, it is never late





I know what I want, now what?

So you have been thinking about your past goals, what worked and what didn’t work…and now you have 1-2 goals you want to achieve.

Let’s make sure your goal is SMART:

Specific: define your goal clearly, no ambiguities. Prefer “go to the gym” over “get fit” for example

Measurable: define how are you going to measure your progress for example, if the goal is to lose weight by pounds lost in a week.

Attainable: don’t be an over achiever!

Realistic: define a goal that is doable in your current situation. If your goal is going to the gym, make sure you separate two hours a few days a week to dedicate to this activity.

Time-bound: lastly, make sure you set a timeframe to your goal.



You are on the way of converting a wish into reality

Re thinking your goals: September is here!


For many many people September is the real deal, the real New Year. Summer is over and September marks a new start.

End of the Summer also means beginning of routine. It is well proven that we all function better when we have some routine in our lives, a schedule. Our bodies easily adjust to a better sleeping pattern, we are able to make better choices at meal times, we make more clear decisions overall.

The routine that September imposes brings the opportunity to revise previous goals, set up new challenges, start something new.  


That is going to be the goal this week: a fresh start, with a deepen look into ourselves and how to include “us” into that routine that is imposing on us.

We may have started January setting up one or many goals, but where are we now?

We are going to use September as the mark of a New year and set up a goal, with the advantage of having a few months behind us that taught us what has worked and what hasn’t.







Take some time today and think about what was (or were) your goal/s a few months ago….are you still considering that is your most important goal? has anything changed? do you need to redefine your goal? change it completely?

Why is that goal important to you?

Achievement is a great feeling. We need to work on our goals everyday to make them grow until they become achievements.