Weekend ahead, you running? meditating? or both!?

running meditation


For all those out there that love to run this feels like the perfect time to do it. Perfect temperature and sunny. Running fairly long distances can play tricks on your mind. After a few miles the mind/body fight starts: “cannot keep going”, “legs hurt”, “there is a big hill coming up, better stop” and countless of other negative thoughts may come up.

There is a different strategy worth trying: Running Meditation. You can read a full article on this here.

Meditation is not sitting still, it is all about being aware. You can bring that awareness to your running. Whether you decide to listen to the stomp of your feet on the ground, your heavy breathing rhythm it is all about being aware. At the beginning it can be hard to maintain this awareness for long period of time, I would suggest start for 2-3 mins at a time, until it becomes a habit, an awareness that starts immediately after a few steps, after a negative thought

Happy exercising!


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