Happy Mother’s Day



If you are a mom, because it was and is our choice, and for most of us, the best choice we have ever made

If you are not a mom, because surely you are an aunt!

If you celebrate: wish you find THAT only thing that you want to do and are able to sincerely express it and GET IT DONE

If you feel sad, wish you can also acknowledge that reason you are sad is because you had a great mom in your life.




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    ESTELA says:

    Deseo comentar la última tarjeta : soy una mámá con MUCHOS AÑOS de práctica de madre y , aunque en mi juventud creía que no me escuchaba nadie, hoy afirmo que MUCHO de lo que les dije a mis hijos , LLEGÓ a destino !!! ¡¡¡ FELIZ DÍA !!!


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