End of the Week: Evaluation Time

Do you remember Monday? that was the day that you opened up a calendar and set aside one hr a day to plan how to reach a goal. YOUR goal, for this week.

Week is ending and it is time to evaluate, look back and see what happened. It is not time to judge, not time to criticize, neither to complain. Just at the present time and see if you are where you planned to be on Monday.

reflectIf you are there, good for you! Congratulate yourself and take a moment to think what helped keep you motivated and maybe start thinking of your next goal for next week. What would you do different? what area do you need help with?

If you are not there, but close, take a moment to evaluate what things went wrong, what came on your way, which ones you could control and which ones went out of hand. Are you able to complete or reach your goal next week? sure! let’s plan towards that for the upcoming Monday.

If you haven’t reach your goal, or lost focus, or completely forgot about it during the week, take a moment to think what came up that stopped you from focusing, from taking the time, what distracted you. Re think about your goal and evaluate if you want to set up the same focus for next week. Think what could have helped, what you could have done differently.

In any case, being mindful and acknowledging what happened to us, how we feel or felt is the best way to re energize and re plan for an upcoming successful week!



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