Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation

Most of us don’t like Mondays. For most people means returning to schedules, routines, busyness, driving, appointments while leaving behind the relaxing and un-scheduled “end of last week”. 

Because it is all about changing mindsets I thought this morning that besides dealing with all the above I would choose a focus for this week. Most importantly, a personal focus. A personal focus implies that you are going to be a little selfish for a while and decide what YOUR focus will be. Is that “detox/cleanse” you have been trying to do? is it to start an exercise routine? Is getting things around the house done? Making that/those phone call/s?

Having a focus or goal is proven to make people happier when they work towards it and when it is achieved. It helps lift spirits and keep motivation levels high.

You can do it by yourself or find a buddy to “work” with you. Friends are very likely to need a goal for the week or the motivation to get their own goals rolling.

Once you know what your goal or focus is grab a piece of paper, your phone calendar or any calendar online and allot one hr a day to plan your path to achieve that goal. One hour seems too much? well, 45 mins will have to do it. On each time slot add one word that describes what you are going to do that day, at that specific time to keep you moving towards that goal. A goal without a plan is a dream only. and This Week Monday, you plan to achieve your goal! That is the difference this week.

So get yourself thinking, it shouldn’t take long, it doesn’t have to be big, because truth is, you have many more weeks to come and many more Goals to achieve!


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    ESTELA says:

    Es un artículo EDIFICANTE , ESPERANZADOR , fácil de practicar porque no es un SUEÑO a LARGO PLAZO : es sólo por esta semana porque luego hay más lunes y más semanas …


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