Start off a great healthier week (whatever that means for YOU)

So weekend is over (almost) and here you are re setting your health goals for the upcoming week. And is nothing wrong with that only thing is that is what you have done for the last three weeks….and the feeling of frustration and disappointment for not having been able to go through your intention is not something that you want to get used to.

We talked and discussed a few times about procrastinating, finding excuses, but this is a whole different matter. This is when you set up the intention, you deeply believe you can do it and then you are not following thru.

There are many ways to approach this, keep doing the same is one or changing and finally trying something new is another one.

Find a friend or colleague that you can be accountable to and go over some of your intentions (or all of them, whatever you feel more comfortable doing). Organize your agenda or write down your schedule for next day, even better next week. Write down first what your goal is: for example; if you are planning to get more exercise or get some done mark it down in your weekly schedule. Then fill up the rest of the week with other “musts do”.



Check in with your friend every day or every couple of days and see what happens. Write it down, what you achieve and most importantly how you feel about it. See what happens.

“One day at a time is all I do. One day at a time is good for you” John Lennon.

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