Tofu Burguers Dinner

Tofu is a surprisingly versatile form of soybeans that is made by curdling soy milk so that its proteins become coagulated and then pressed into a sliceable cake  Tofu varies in texture from soft to firm to extra-firm. Soft tofu has a smoother texture and is therefore better suited for salad dressings, sauces, and desserts. Firm and extra-firm tofu are best for baking, stir-frying, and grilling.

Tofu can also be frozen in its original packaging and will keep this way for up to five months. This process will actually alter its texture and color, making it more spongy and absorbent, and more yellowish in color. This change in physical properties is actually very suitable for certain recipe preparations.

If you are selecting tofu on the basis of fat content, the firmer tofus are usually the highest in fat, and the softest tofus, often called silky or silken, are the lowest.

To prepare the burgers make sure you squeeze all the liquid out of the tofu. It will give your burgers a crispier texture

The How to:

In one deep container mix 1 block of firm tofu (previously frozen is fine and dry!), add 1 cup of almond flour, 1 egg and 2 tbsps of Worcestire sauce. Salt and pepper to taste

Work the mix with two forks or your hands and give them the shape of balls and flatten

Cook in a non stick pan for about 3 mins each side or until golden

Serve them with roasted veggies (carrots and sweet potato in the picture) and enjoy!

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