New Study Reveals The Truth About Smoothies

There has been lots lots going on about smoothies. That they are good, that they have lots of sugar, that they can replace a meal, that you better don’t replace a meal and so on.

This study shows than, other things being equal, if you took a meal and blended it, you’re likely to feel fuller longer. Any meal? yes, any meal.


Green Smoothie


Not long ago, Nobel Prize winner Peter Mansfield developed a technique that using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and later a rapid-sequencing started a new era  in smoothie research. With all those techniques researches are now able to trace behaviour of food in our digestive tract.

It has been well studied that if we eat  a solid and liquid together, say rice and water, the liquid will exit first and the solid will take longer. Before that happens a layer is form in our stomach: the lower portion being the heaviest (the rice in this case) and the upper being the lightest (water in our example). Food separates in layers in the stomach.

In an interview with Dr. Spiller who run the study of “full meal vs. smoothie meal” he revealed: “So if you eat a mixed meal, the water exits the stomach rapidly and the stomach shrinks,”. This is known as gastric sieving. “If, by contrast, you had made that separation of liquid and solid impossible—by blending it into a smoothie or whatever—then that couldn’t happen. The liquid that would come out would contain some calories.”

But, as with everything there is so much around the eating process and the smoothies and full meals….full meals (say an apple, because there was another study called “the apple study”) takes much longer to be finished and when looking at it our senses start getting our digestive system ready: enzymes are being produced in our saliva and even our pancreas start segregating important chemicals for digestion. These events don’t happen with a smoothis.

Not to mention you can finish one smoothie of two apples and some apple puree in less than 20 seconds.

Smoothies yes? no? You can read the full article here and make an informed decision on what is best for you in this present time. Never forget if you have any underlaying condition (i.e. diabetes) this may not be the best way to take your daily calories.




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