Exercise for a healthy heart: how much, how often, what?

Exercise is well known to help in so many ways, from releasing endorphins and other chemicals that boost our mood to be proven to allow you to have a clearer and sharper mind. People that exercise more are sharper than their “not so active” counterparts. They have more muscle mass that not only burns more calories throughout the day allowing them to keep a healthier weight but also when older, allows them to be more stable and have less fractures or falls in general.

As an adult keeping a healthy exercise schedule also plays an important role in heart disease prevention. Studies show that those who exercise regularly have a extremely low risk of heart disease and stroke, have higher levels of energy, are able to sleep better as they also experience less stress. There are other risks that are kept low: high blood pressure, high cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, obesity.


No Perfect Conditions

Let’s make it simple!

How much? Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada recommends 150 mins per week, that translated it is about 20 mins per day, not much, uh? doable? totally!

What? Moderate and vigorous exercise. If you are already training running, jogging or cycling can make it. If you are starting, a simple walk that later on can turn into a brisk walk is great! Would rather to swimming to be gentler on your joints? that works too!

Start slow to you build up strength and  resistance that will soon translate into better recovery times and more enjoyable activities.

Stick to it! and usually two secrets come with it: find a partner, a friend, a neighbour, a colleague….someone with your same goals and priorities. Start slow and build up, but never over do it. Start with a routine every other day or even every two days at the beginning and then slowly add weights or any other type of exercise to add variety.

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