Heart attacks can give us a sign in different ways. For women however can be more subtle. Some women described just “like having a flu” because of the dizziness and nausea, and never experience chest pain or pressure. Men however usually experience the more described chest pain. That is why for women specially it is important to be aware and to educate ourselves in order to be able to seek the right help at the right time.

The symptoms to pay attention to, and that can happen at the same time or not are:

  1. Feeling pressure, pain or feeling “squeezed” in the middle of your chest. It can be a persistent feeling or come and go away.
  2. Have sudden shortness of breath.
  3. Have pain or some discomfort in one or both arms, specially the left, back pain, or pain in the jaw, neck or stomach.
  4. Sudden nausea or cold sweat.

If you, or someone you know, experiences one or more of these symptoms, call 911. If you have an 81 mg (also known as baby aspirin) handy, you can chew one while waiting.

Heart attack prevention

The best strategy, however, is to PREVENT. Prevention can be enjoyable and shared with a friend to make it sustainable. And you will also be accountable!. Choose healthy diet, heart healthy recipes to start. Then as you incorporate them into your routine you can add some form of moderate exercise (walking for about 30 mins most days of the week is a way).