February is National Heart Month

February is National Heart Month worldwide. That means that every country will work on “heart” awareness, from “heart health” to “heart disease”. Nowadays, 1 in 3 people have heart disease. It’s the #1 killer of men and women in the world, claiming more lives than cancer, respiratory disease, diabetes and accidents combined.

Our heart is formed by two pumps which work together. Blood coming back from the organs and tissues of your body enters the right side of your heart which then pumps it to your lungs. Your lungs remove waste carbon dioxide from the blood and recharge it with oxygen. Those pumps are made out of a strong muscle that can work perfectly fine or sometimes have a little disruption.

If you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy body weight your heart will work normally during resting periods and hard while you train. In those situations your heart’s muscles will be strong and get stronger as you keep training and exercising. The muscle that form your heart will eventually become so strong that when you are resting will need a few pumps to work. However in the case your heart is not used to moderate exercise or training it will need to pump harder and harder to keep up with its daily work. Same occurs if your vessels are blocked your heart will need to pump harder to keep up with the same blood flow ongoing.

Whatever the situation; these are, among others, causes of high blood pressure.

If you have been already diagnosed with high blood pressure, or your doctor is keeping an eye on a “limit” value, you will surely want to start working on some exercise and a healthy diet to decrease all risks factors and help your heart work at a better pace and in optimal conditions.

If on the other hand your blood pressure is within normal values is always a good idea to keep it up and help your heart with the good work and optimal conditions

February is National Heart Month and whatever your reason is we will share here all sorts of healthy lifestyle tips and recipes to help you and your loved ones have a “healthy heart”.





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