Excuses and Procrastination

Regular exercise has many proven benefits. Not only physical but also psychological benefits. Thirty minutes of exercise on most days of the week has a tremendous impact on lowering risk of common chronic conditions such a heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and it helps maintain a healthy weight or lose the extra one. At the same time exercise, when done early in the day, is proven to improve sleep. On the emotional side it is well know how exercise improves mood by increasing natural brain chemicals that increase positive feeling and combat depression. Exercise also improves muscle tone and balance, helping in the older years to avoid falls and fractures.

This information is available to everyone. This information is broadly known. Doctors tell their patients, health agencies have publicity on TV and magazines, there are signs in medical buildings and still we encounter tons of people finding excuses and procrastinating exercise.

There are plenty of excuses, the most common excuse is time, lack of it, of course. Also work, family responsibilities, guilt, busy schedule, being tired…and the list goes on and on.

They are all true facts, however, they could be assigned a different priority in their lives. Exercise, as many other daily activities, can be included as part of one’s routine. It is a matter of knowing your priorities and acting according to them. I challenge you to think why exercise is or should be important for you? Is it your own well being? You setting up an example for your kids while benefiting from it? You need a lift up in your mood? You want to feel stronger and more comfortable in your own body? Keep off extra pounds as you get close to menopause? Reasons are endless.

But if you still find yourself putting those excuses ahead of you I ask you to stop and think about your priorities, and the important reason you found for you to make time to exercise.  Re organize your priorities and give exercise the time and place it deserves. Not only because studies and research say it is good for you but also because it makes you feel just great. Energy levels increase, sleep gets better, mind gets clearer, your body gets stronger and healthier. You will find proof of it on the first day you do it.

When you think you don’t have not enough time consider including exercise in your daily routine, the same as you add to your to do list “grocery shopping” add “me time” exercise time”making exercise part of your routine. It doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult. Any simple change adds on and counts!. Change taking the bus for a brisk walk or choose getting up a little earlier and using the treadmill at the local gym. Or maybe the gym closer to work. If you work at or from home allow yourself to have extra 15 minutes just for you. Wake up before everyone else and get into your comfy gym clothes and hit the streets for an invigorating morning jog. Or walk to the local cafe for a low fat latte. If you feel guilty for leaving your young kids, or not so young, to have some “me time” remind yourself you are setting a great and healthy example for them, not only because you are looking after yourself but also because you are making exercise and your health a priority. In the end it is going to be on their benefit too.

After exercising see how you feel, how much better mom or dad you are for them for the rest of the day. I can assure you that you will be better off to start the day. Full of energy and with a blowing happy look.

Moderate, mild or vigorous exercise can easily be part of your “to do” list. For you, your own health, emotional well being and also to be there longer and in great shape for the ones you love. You just need to do it. One day at a time.

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